Our Services

PSI is well known by our competitors and customers alike for our great work ethic and professional project finishes.


Land grading is reshaping the ground surface to planned grades as determined by engineering survey evaluation and layout. Grading of lots within a subdivision so that the runoff from each one is directed to a stable outlet rather than to an adjacent lot.

The purpose of grading is to provide more suitable topography for buildings, facilities and other land users; to control surface runoff; and to minimize soil erosion and sedimentation both during and after construction. The plan should define areas that must not be disrupted by grading and filling, including staking, marking and fencing required to prevent damage to these areas. These practices are applicable where grading to a planned elevation is necessary and practical for the proposed development of a site and for proper operation of sedimentation-control practices.

Asphalt Paving & Patching

We provide asphalt-resurfacing services from major roadways to parking lots. From retail to school parking lots, condominiums or homeowner association streets, we do it all. Paved asphalt surfaces are designed to provide all-weather use. The aesthetics of any property are enhanced by the clean, smooth look of professionally constructed pavement. Other benefits include enhanced safety because tripping hazards are minimized, improved dust control, and reduced maintenance time. Asphalt paving falls into two categories: New construction and complete removal and replacement of existing asphalt.


Paving Services does all flat work construction for floors, driveways, parking lots, and roads. We also offer concrete curbing or catch basins builds or re-builds, footings, poured or in place foundations, slabs, site work: curb & gutter, sidewalks, concrete parking lots and drives.

Storm Drainage

Our expertise encompasses storm drainpipes, manholes, curb inlets, outlet structures, box culverts, storm water chambers, retention and detention systems, transition and other specialty concrete structures, bio swales, energy dissipaters, head walls, and rip rap used to armor streambeds.


We have all the right equipment to come on site to deliver or load up and haul off any material. Truck & Haul Dirt, Asphalt, Asphalt Milling, Aggregates: Sand, Concrete and Gravel, Debris from Demolition, Debris from Construction Jobs, Equipment Hauling


Paving Services is a complete utility company installing, water lines, and sewer lines.

Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is one of the simplest yet important services PSI provides. Clearly marked stalls, handicap spaces, and directional arrows, all make for a more efficient and problem-free parking lot. They are a critical element in maximizing parking lot space and smoothing the flow of lot traffic.


PSI will do all structural footing excavation and backfill, grading of building slabs, under slab gravel installation, foundation drain excavation and installation, retaining wall excavation, detention pond excavation and grading, and over excavation and backfill for buildings, which require extensive soil processing.

Clearing & Demo

We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to successfully complete demolition projects of all types and sizes. Demolition (commercial and residential), asphalt demolition, concrete or foundation demolition, underground utility demolition and tree removal/clearing and grubbing.

Roadway Construction

PSI will achieve your project goals through integrated resources with our team of experts. We are safety oriented, financially sound, highly motivated, strategically positioned and professionally managed. We perform all phases of road construction to include earthwork, utilities, drainage, concrete and asphalt paving.

Golf Course Construction

We install base course and asphalt golf cart paths. Cart path paving is an important element to the successes and overall experience of your golf course. Make sure that your path is laid by a company with the experience to ensure that the job is done right and done on time.

We are able to avoid and steer clear of roots and all vegetation underneath and around your path areas as a result of our many years of experience. Tight spots and varying terrain are just a few reasons you want to hire a company like PSI to lay your new asphalt. Our crew is able to move themselves and our equipment from area to area without interruption to golfers and residents close by.